What’s happening Summer 2019?

What’s happening Summer 2019?

Spring had some record highs followed by rain creating the perfect storm for weeds and amazing growth for all the shrubs and trees! Don’t worry, weeding and pruning happen concurrently all through the summer. We do anticipate another summer drought where the grass will be going into dormancy. As a result of this most contracts, especially those without irrigation, we will be mowing bi-weekly. Caring for dormant lawns means lessening foot traffic,
watering a minimum of ½ “ per week, and mechanical removal of any tap root weeds. The labor saved on mowing will be spent on pruning, weeding and resetting bed edges where needed.

This season you will see us doing thefollowing:

• Clearance Pruning is our priority as we move through all sites
• Pruning and shearing early Spring blooming shrubs and plants like
heathers, forsythia, pieris japonica, lonicera etc.
• Pruning and shearing of laurels, photinias, euonymus, spireaes, etc
after the early blooming shrubs are finished
• Rhododendron deadheading
• Continued weeding rotations throughout all areas of sites
• Removal of dead limbs in trees and suckering growth from the bases
• Deadheading roses in August to extend bloom time
• Clean up of leaf drop from garden beds
• Mechanical removal of turf weeds

Although we are past the recommended time for top dressing and reseeding lawns for this season, FALL IS A GREAT TIME FOR TOPDRESSING AND OVERSEEDING! Contact your Strata for requests to quote!

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