What’s Happening Fall 2020

What’s Happening Fall 2020

Fall is in the air already even though it doesn’t officially start until September 22. Being one of the messiest seasons, you will see us doing the following:

  •  Transition to bi-weekly mowing until the end of October/Early
    November, weather dependent
  •  Application of Fall/Winter fertilizer to all lawn areas
  • Fall Aeration, Liming and Moss Control will be applied to the lawns of all our Level 1 contracts
  • Finishing the pruning and shearing of Summer blooming shrubs
  • Ornamental grasses and perennials cut down
  • Cedar shearing until the end of December
  • Continued weeding rotations throughout all areas of sites
  • Storm debris clean up***
  • Leaf clean up (This keeps us busy until Spring!) This is the biggest and loudest of all our jobs, we appreciate your patience during the times our blowers are being used. Remember, it’s impossible to get every single
    leaf in all areas, especially when leaves are actively falling.


It is also a great time for tree planting and replacing dead cedars.

Contact your Strata for requests to quote for these services *** Occasionally severe storms limit our maintenance operations which

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