What’s happening this Spring 2021?

What’s happening this Spring?

We have had a relatively mild winter are seeing the arrival of Spring!Contour Landscaping is working hard to prepare for the season and youwill see the following procedures happening out there in the beds and the lawns.

  •  Garden beds to be weeded, detail raked out, cultivated, and deep edged
  • Aeration of the lawns –This will happen weather/conditions permitting fortiming. Cores are left on the ground to break down and provide nutrients.Some sites have already been done thanks to great weather and perfect
  • Liming – we use only the best quality Dolopril lime on the lawns (lime may show as white dots on concrete but is temporary or disappear on lawns immediately if wet)
  • Moss Control-Liquid spray application of Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate
    (Iron) *** SEE NOTES BELOW***
  •  Application of Spring fertilizer to the lawns (usually scheduled a few weeks after the lime in
  • First cuts of the lawn! Please remember to clear all lawns/gardens free of Pet Waste by 8 Am service day
  • Spring pruning of early blooming shrubs like heathers and forsythia once they are finished blooming

***Some notes: Moss Control does not have any negative impact to kids or animals. After moss control has been applied, mossy areas turn black, dry up and get sucked up by the lawn mowers. In areas of heavy moss and/or winter dieback of the turf, it may be recommended to power rake, top dress and overseed the lawn area. If this is the case contact strata for a request to have us to provide a quote for this service.