Contour Landscaping Irrigation

Contour Landscaping – Irrigation Division

Contour Landscaping can look after all your irrigation needs with complete irrigation services:

  • Spring start up
  • Service/Repair Calls
  • Backflow testing
  • Rain Sensors
  • System Winterization/Shut Down
  • New System Installation or Expansion of Existing System

Service / Repair Calls

In order to reduce the cost of a service call we do an extensive check during the spring startup to ensure all components of the system are operating properly.During the course of the season, depending on the age of the system there may be line breaks or head malfunctions or coverage adjustments.

Backflow Testing

We provide backflow testing and certification which is required annually by most municipalities.

Rain Sensors

Given our unpredictable weather especially the first half of the summer a system without a Rain Sensor results in wasted water which is often at a costs (if metered) and also can do more harm than good for plants getting too much water or landscape areas with poor drainage

Irrigation System Winterization

To avoid possible damage to irrigation systems from winter freeze, systems should be winterized some time before mid November.

This process consists up hooking up a high volume compressor to the system and blowing out each zone one at a time, clearing it of any water in the lines.

New System Installation or Expansion of Existing System

For complexes looking to install a new system or add on to existing we can do an assessment and provide a quotation for the system.


Spring Startup – ( Promo )

Our Spring Start – Up Service consists of:

  • Recharging the system
  • Check all heads
  •  Test each zone
  • Replace and or repair any broken heads or lines
  • Program timers

We provide a 15% discount on labor for our current landscape maintenance contracts for the noted services

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