Green Landscaping Program

Green Landscaping Program

Contour Landscaping Practices a “Green” approach to our maintenance programs. Below is an outline of our practices and procedures that we have implemented in to our maintenance program to protect our environment and be a pioneer in the area of Green Maintenance

Plant Health

Our primary approach to eliminate the need for herbicides and pesticides is through the fostering of a healthy landscape. Whether it is turf, shrubs or trees, the healthier the plant the more resistant it will be to detriments of pests and disease. This preventative approach is carried out by tailoring fertilizer programs to the plant’s specific needs as well as maximizing nutrient uptake by adjusting soil Ph level’s optimal to that of the plant’s needs.

As well plant material benefits from a regular bed dressing program with an organic mulch which provides natural nutrients and improves moisture retention. We work with our clients to assess soil and prioritize areas for improvement within their budget.

Like shrubs and trees, turf is a plant as well that the healthier it is it will be able to outcompete weeds and fend off pests and disease.

Weed, Vegetation & Pest Control

Contour Landscaping Ltd practices IPM – Integrated Pest Management- “a decision based process involving coordinated use of multiple tactics for optimizing the control of all classes of pests (insects, pathogens, weeds) in an ecologically and economically sound manner” This implies the following:
• Simultaneous management of multiple pests through prevention first
• Regular monitoring of pests, and their natural enemies and antagonists as well
• Use of economic or treatment thresholds when applying pesticides (organic and chemical)
• Integrated use of multiple suppressive tactics.

Weeds and undesirable vegetation in garden beds and hard surface cracks will always be present. Treatment of this undesirable vegetation at a regular interval prevents deep rooting and reseeding. Through a combination of manual procedures and treatment with horticultural vinegar at regular intervals weed populations are kept to a minimum.

Fungus and Mildew is something always prevalent in our mild climate. To prevent the spread, we change the blades on our mowers every second day of use, use freshly sharpened blades on our hedge trimmers and sterilize cutting/pruning tools on a regular basis. When treatment thresholds are reached, we employ the use of organic based fungicides.


We have a diverse fleet of vehicles from half ton pickups to 3 ton dumps. We match our vehicles to the level of work, this allows us to use fuel efficient smaller pickups for light maintenance crews reducing emissions. Our heavier trucks run on bio-diesel. We also station crews to service sites close to where they live to reduce commuting and environmental footprint.

All vehicles are serviced regularly by our in house certified mechanic to ensure that they are operating efficiently and safely.


While battery powered equipment is in it’s infancy stage and not at a level that is practical for commercial contractors, we are continually monitoring and testing such equipment in order that it can be implemented once workable levels are achieved. In the interim we use high efficiency – low noise equipment with that latest in emission control technologies.

As well all our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by our in house mechanic. Ensuring that engines are tuned to manufacturers specifications and blades are always kept sharp ensures that emissions are minimized.


Aspen Fuel is an Alkylate petrol that is 99%*** cleaner than regular petrol. We use Aspen Fuel in all our equipment to be kinder to the environment and to our operators and you. Alkylate petrol avoids virtually all the hazardous substances – such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons that can cause serious health problems. The engines operate better, spark plugs and cylinders stay cleaner, for longer. Alkylate petrol produces 40% less ground – level ozone (smog) than traditional fuels. The greatest benefit is that the fuel burns efficiently meaning longer run time/tank and does not go off in storage. Albeit, Aspen Fuel is approximately three times the cost of regular fuel, we find the overall benefits far outweigh the costs, and our environment and you are worth it.

*** Regarding the amount of hazardous fluorocarbons.


All our green waste is collected centrally and then taken to a facility that composts it in to soil. We take it to facilities that triple screen, and bring up to proper composting temperatures to ensure weed free soil amender is made from it.

Other waste from materials and consumables is sorted and recycled in accordance with local recycling programs.