Phone Consultation:

We would be happy to discuss your project with you over the phone. In a short phone conversation we can get a sense of what you want to achieve and give you some tools to begin the planning process. Please take a minute to review our list of elements of your landscape that you should consider in the Design Ideas part of the website. This will help you started and thinking about all the elements you might want to incorporate in your outdoor living areas.

Consultation meeting at your home:

An in-depth meeting with you at your home or the project site to evaluate more thoroughly the elements you have already thought about as you filled out the questionnaire. We will go through a wide range of different design options focused on your needs, wishes and budget. This meeting will leave you with a full understanding of what can be done with your landscape. The fee for this meeting is $225, with this fee being applicable towards a landscape design if you go on to get a plan drawn up. The drawing fee starts at $1,200.

Landscape Design Plan:

The Landscape Design is a multi-step process, designed to ensure that there is true collaboration between you and the design team.

Our design philosophy is that a collaborative effort between designer and client creates the best landscape possible.

Step One: Incorporating all the elements discussed during the consultation, we then develop a draft plan for your project. This plan is designed around your wants and needs, your dreams, and the realities of your budget, this plan locates all the key elements so you get a true sense of how the different elements in the space relate to each other, how they relate to your indoor living areas and how they tie into the public areas.
Step Two: After reviewing the draft plan in depth with you we take your feedback and revise the plan to make sure it truly represents your vision. Our landscape design fee includes up to two revisions.
Landscape plans vary in cost depending on the scope of the project. Plans start at $1,200. We will provide an estimate of the design cost at the first consultation.
Installation – creating your landscape

Contour Landscape Installation & Design is the right choice to install your landscape. We will work with you to make sure the project is installed right. If changes need to be made as the project progresses we can make sure they are done seamlessly and stay true to the original design intent. Whether the plan is one we have had the pleasure of creating with you, or if you already have a plan created by others, our install professionals strive to make sure your project comes out right.

Above pricing applies to Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and environs.